Erics, Turkey 7.2-magnitude Earthquake

Turkey Baby Erics, Turkey — A 2-week-old baby girl, her mother and grandmother were pulled from the rubble of an apartment building alive on Tuesday in a dramatic rescue, almost 48 hours after a 7.2-magnitude earthquake toppled some 2,000 buildings in eastern Turkey.
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Hunger Defense Fund has a Distribution Center in Santa Clarita, California were we distribute food, clothing, personal hygiene items, vitamins, over the counter medicines, toys, diapers etc. each week to needy individuals and their families.

We distribute to orphanages in Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala where we have representatives in each of these countries that see to it that the supplies we send goes directly to those in need.

We sponsor a school in Kenya, East Africa where girls who lost both their parents to AIDS come to live, learn and grow without the fear of being abused.

Our goal at Hunger Defense Fund is to give a hand up, not a hand out.

Hundreds of volunteers who have the same goals and vision as we run our programs by making sure the donations we receive go to the projects our donors want. Our overhead is 1%. That means 99 cents of every dollar goes to our programs. We currently have hundreds of volunteers who dedicate their time, talents and strengths.

We are always looking for new opportunities to help in other countries that will provide us with information of what the need is and how to eliminate the need. We understand that hunger will always be with us, however, our goal is not to provide fish but to teach how to fish for themselves. We have shipped vegetable seeds to 6 countries providing 250,000 pounds of seeds which in turn will provide millions of pounds of food during harvest.


Mr. Ken Newman

Mr. Ken Wilcox

Mr. Ryan Millsap

Mr. Gary Fullerton, ESQ

Dr. William Baugh, MD

Mrs. Dee Dee Mayer

Mr. Andy Lay

Mr. Roger Presgrove

Mr. Don Flaig, ESQ

Ms. Michelle Varney

Rev. Jim Ryan

Dr. Mike Roberts, DDS


Love and Life Center

Hunger Defense Fund operates the Love and Life Center in Honduras. This center houses children suffering from cancer. Their shelter, food and clothing are provided, as well as six months to a full year of chemotherapy treatments.

Many of the children leave the center after successfully completing their round of chemotherapy and some stay, due to abandonment by their parents.

Hunger Defense Fund appreciates the dedicated volunteers and monetary donations that help keep our Love and Life Center running.

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How often do you think about child hunger?

We are full of food choices, with restaurants on every corner, markets adjacent to one another, and convenience stores galore. Leftovers are continuously thrown away, without a care, while right outside our doors, across the country, and beyond, there are hungry children.

We want to help, by making food available for underprivileged children and their families, but over the last several months food donations have diminished. We ask you to please help in replenishing those supplies.

Our volunteer-based operation, packages and ships food boxes to the impoverished around the world. Donated food is also delivered to local organizations and then picked-up, by families in need. Every step makes a difference, so let's walk together and feed the children!

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People Need Your Help

So many of us take for granted what we have in life; food, water, the clothes on our back, and that roof over our head. The constant, daily stepping-stones that always seem to be there and are rarely if ever thought about. But, these are the very same things that can be gone in a matter of no time. Just ask the many people we encounter on a daily basis. It's an unforeseen job loss or health issue. Maybe a natural disaster or a devastating accident occurs. Sometimes you just can't catch a break, or a business deal goes bad. We are all susceptible to loss and hard times.

Hunger Defense Fund aims to bring aid and some sense of comfort to suffering people here and around the world. Help us help others please donate today!

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