Erics, Turkey 7.2-magnitude Earthquake

Turkey Baby Erics, Turkey — A 2-week-old baby girl, her mother and grandmother were pulled from the rubble of an apartment building alive on Tuesday in a dramatic rescue, almost 48 hours after a 7.2-magnitude earthquake toppled some 2,000 buildings in eastern Turkey.
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Volunteer Today:
Volunteers are needed at our Santa Clarita, CA location year-round to help with special events. To sign up please call us at (661) 702-8852.

We need your surplus product. We have over 600 companies that donate to us at Hunger Defense Fund. We have a tremendous need for your surplus products, overruns and excess inventories. We have one of the best distribution programs in America today. We believe the most effective way to distribute is to match the product with the need. We distribute not only in Southern California, but also through 12 states and 52 countries around the world. We pick up all our donations in a timely manner that is conducive to your company's schedule. We have (2) bobtail trucks and have access to (3) semi trucks at our disposal to pick up any donation you may have.

We graciously accept food donations: produce, canned food items, pasta, pasta sauce, beans, rice, cereal, meat products, juice, nutritional bars, sugar, and vegetable seeds.

We need funds to pay for transportation that will deliver much need supplies from other states to us here in Southern California. Our current budget for these transportation fees is $20,000. However, with the current needs we must expand that amount to $45,000.

Training Center:
We are starting up a training center to teach entry-level computer skills. We need to purchase (4) new computers with printers, scanners and Internet services. The total cost for this program is approximately $5,575.

Love Carton Program:
We also need sponsors for our Love Carton program. We currently distribute 3 thousands boxes per month.

We need an additional 1,000 sponsors that would contribute $10 per month so that we can distribute an additional 1,000 Love Carton to needy children and their families throughout Southern California. These food boxes will be sent to Seniors on fixed income, senior centers and shelters for unwed mothers.

Warehouse Workers:
We are requesting warehouse volunteers to sort and process incoming donations, with some light clean up duties included. Warehouse hours are Monday through Friday 9:00am to 1:00pm.

Food Distribution Center:
Volunteer opportunities are available at our food distribution center.

Tuesdays: 5:00pm - 7:30pm
Thursdays: 5:00pm - 7:30pm
Saturdays: 8:30am - 12:00pm

Special Event:
We are asking for volunteers to help at our upcoming Walk-a-Thon scheduled for September 20, 2008.

Community Wide Food Drive:
October 2008 we are kicking off our annual food drive and hope to have volunteers assist us in distributing the food.

Adopt a Family:
Volunteers are needed to participate in this special November/December 2008 event. We encourage people to adopt a family this holiday season and donate gifts to the needy children in our community.


Love and Life Center

Hunger Defense Fund operates the Love and Life Center in Honduras. This center houses children suffering from cancer. Their shelter, food and clothing are provided, as well as six months to a full year of chemotherapy treatments.

Many of the children leave the center after successfully completing their round of chemotherapy and some stay, due to abandonment by their parents.

Hunger Defense Fund appreciates the dedicated volunteers and monetary donations that help keep our Love and Life Center running.

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How often do you think about child hunger?

We are full of food choices, with restaurants on every corner, markets adjacent to one another, and convenience stores galore. Leftovers are continuously thrown away, without a care, while right outside our doors, across the country, and beyond, there are hungry children.

We want to help, by making food available for underprivileged children and their families, but over the last several months food donations have diminished. We ask you to please help in replenishing those supplies.

Our volunteer-based operation, packages and ships food boxes to the impoverished around the world. Donated food is also delivered to local organizations and then picked-up, by families in need. Every step makes a difference, so let's walk together and feed the children!

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People Need Your Help

So many of us take for granted what we have in life; food, water, the clothes on our back, and that roof over our head. The constant, daily stepping-stones that always seem to be there and are rarely if ever thought about. But, these are the very same things that can be gone in a matter of no time. Just ask the many people we encounter on a daily basis. It's an unforeseen job loss or health issue. Maybe a natural disaster or a devastating accident occurs. Sometimes you just can't catch a break, or a business deal goes bad. We are all susceptible to loss and hard times.

Hunger Defense Fund aims to bring aid and some sense of comfort to suffering people here and around the world. Help us help others please donate today!

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